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Question - I sent a post the other day regarding a collection that just showed up on my credit reports out of nowhere and caused a 75 point drop in my scores. :( This was an item that initiated from a mistake my bank had made and it was taken care of months ago. I spent several hours Saturday speaking to the bank and they agreed to call the CA and have them delete the file from their records and the Credit Bureaus. I confirmed with the bank rep again yesterday that she had sent the letter to the CA and she confirmed again that the info would be deleted within 72 hours and should be removed from my reports by Friday. At this point the collection is just showing up on my Experian report and has not hit TU or EQ. We're at the brink of sending our papers through for our first home loan and need to ensure that this is removed beforehand.

Should I call the CA just to confirm they received the letter from the bank and make sure that they are in the process of deleting the record? I have read that people should not collect the CA's for any reason. Again the BANK that reported me has agreed to have the item removed from my files and said that they would contact the CA themselves. Because of the loan - I want to make sure that this is done ASAP so I would like to call the CA just to make sure that it's being taken care of. Also I am a little concerned that it has only registered on Experian. Does that mean it is on the way to being reported to TU and EQ? If they delete the file on one - is it possible that it can randomly show up again 2 weeks from now on the other two?

All you experts out there - Let me know if you think it would be a good idea to contact the CA and make sure things are rolling as promised or if I should just wait until Friday and check my reports again to see if the item has been removed.

I appreciate all your help!

Just when you think you're soooo close...... THEY PULL you back in! :(

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I would think you're running the risk of getting yelled at by some idiot collector - may I suggest a fax? Also, having been in the mortgage business, I would think that a letter from the bank (press them on this since they are liable - get my drift?) stating that this is what they are going to do often suffices.

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The best thing you can do is get a letter from your bank stating what they are going to do.

I had the exact same thing happen to me but my situation was getting a car loan because my Texaco card had a charge off and that made me unable to get any kind loan.

Citibank mailed me a letter stating that they were going to have this charge off removed but that I should forward each CRA this letter that they sent me in the event that the negative listing does not come off.

I mailed all three CRAs that letter and that charge off quickly fell off of my credit report.

Get something in writing from that bank that states what they are going to do and go ahead and forward it yourself to the CRAs.

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