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Hello Lady RED Urgent Help


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I have a couple of questions.

1. I have a couple of disputes. What is the most dispute you think should be done at one time, and also how many is enough to dispute per letter.

2. Sending from Tx to EX and EQ, do you think tomorrow morning is too late, if I am sending priority.

3. The letters to the CA and OC must they also be CMRRR..... is there an alternative. Does it mean if I have lets say 20 OCs then it is

(20 disputes X 4.24)$ if someone knows a way out, please let me know. thanks

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You send disputes to the CRA [Credit Reporting Agencys], that would be EX, EQ, and TU. Some here have disputed up to 10 or so in one letter. However you run the risk of them getting confused. LOL We all here have seen items getting deleteed that shouldn't and them just forgetting to do some of them.

What you send to CRA's are debt validation requests. They have to note that the account is being disputed when being verified by the CRA's.

So, your send DV to OC's. When you get card back from them, dispute with the CA's.

Understand the distinction between validate and verify.

Good Luck

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I guess I am in a little dilemma. Currently is there any risk or stupid issues, assuming that I sent the disputes first. That means I sent the disputes earlier today. Will tomorrow be too late if I send out the DV to the OCs and CAs. Please help, I think I made a big boo boo. lol

1. OC's are not required to validate and probably not send any validation.

2. I would try and get your DV to the CA's in mail as soon as posible. Later today, if you choose that route. SEE #3

3. Some use debt validation only after they have tried to dispute unsuccessfully. You could wait to see what may be not be verified, and at that time, only send DV to those that remained. You would then have to dispute agian with the CRA's using a different reason.

4. Some use the period around the year end holidays in hopes of some not meeting the 30 day rule, in which you then could get deleted.

5. If you have not disputed with the CRA's as "Not Mine", you will be OK.

You then need to send DV to the CA's after your 30 day period is up if the CRA's verified the debt. You then will follow up another dispute to the CRA's as 'Wrong Date, Wrong status, Wrong Amount, ...

Good luck.

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I have not done any disputing at all. Anyway here is the situation,

I was told to either just dispute and see what falls off, and then start the DV with whatever is left, just as you said.

Also I was told, DV and dispute at the same time, reason being, I was told that CA can not verify a dispute, so therefore they are stucked. I am hearing lots of good information and I am getting seriously confused. So all I am asking is for someone to tell me a method that worked for them. As at right now, I have the letters ready to go. So please tell me what to do. Thanks

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