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Now what should I do?


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After disputing a TL as "not mine" in May and having it verified, I sent the OC a letter asking for information about the TL. Not surprisingly, I received no response.

In August, I wrote to them again asking for information. When the "green card" came back, I disputed the TL again with the CRAs. It was deleted by EQ but verified again by EX and TU - with no reference to it being in dispute.

In September, I wrote to the OC again and notified them of their FCRA violations, but again received no response.

In October, I filed complaints with my state's Attorney General and the BBB in the OC's area. The AG sent a copy of my complaint to TU and they immediately deleted the entry. I guess the OC didn't like getting letters from the AG's office, so they finally responded to me November 12th. Here is what they said:

"Federal regulations require [OC] to maintain application copies for 25 months. A copy of the original application is no longer available, since our required retention period has expired. However, we have enclosed a copy of a payment you sent that was received on May 11, 1998. We have no record of you disputing the account or alleging that the account was opened fraudulently."

"Your account is no longer owned or serviced by OC. Therefore, any correspondence received by OC would have been forwarded to CA. Future inquires [sp] regarding this matter must be directed to CA at 800-XXX-XXXX."

The only thing they included was a copy of a check from me dated April 30, 1998 with an entirely different account number in the memo line and they made no reference to the FCRA violation that led to my complaints to the AG or BBB.

What does the group recommend I do next?

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