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GFE (inside)


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Here is the GFE that was given to me on wednesday of this week.

I thought this was alot better than spectrum lending and the first place I went to that offered the 2nd sellers mortgage program.

100 % Loan

2 Year ARM

Amount: 159,900

Rate: 8%

Loan Origination Fee: 1599.00

Appraisal Fee: 300.00

Commitment Fee: 585.00

Title Charge Settlement Fee: 450.00

Title Insurance: 275.00

Attorney Wire Courier Fee: 75.00

Gov't Recording Fee: 75.00

Termite/Pest inspection: 75.00

Prepaid Interest 15 days @ 35.05: 525.70

First Year Hazard Insurance for 1 year: 600

No Escrow Account

No Prepay Penalty


562 Eq

601 Ex

602 Tu

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