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How do you get negatives listings on closed accounts to be..


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This may be a stupid question, but I am not certain on whether or not I will need to do this in the first place. I have accounts that I have paid off and thus closed, but these accounts although they reflect that I paid as agreed, they still also list the negative marks , ex late payment. These accounts were paid off about 3 years ago, and I no longer deal with this financial institution anymore. My question, is should I try to get this negative comments off of my cr. Or are these comment in no way affecting me because the account is listed as pays as agreed. Also, I just remembered , one of these accounts with the negative comments , was listed as to new to rate. Can anyone tell me whether or not i should get these neg comments erased from my cr. Or , that I shouldnt worry about them because the account was listed positivily. So I can just leave it alone. Still, if I wanted to have them removed from the cr, is better to ask the oc to give me a break and erase it , or is it easier if I just dispute that I was never late, and bank on the fact that the cra will more than likely have no way of verifying this claim because its been several years since I have had this account with this bank. Thus they would have to delete and erase it to reflect my dispute. Thx for your assistance.

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I disputed with the CRA's many lines that are similar to yours. In many cases, they were simply updated so all 30 day lates were removed. Others, I had to send follow up letter that is has been 30 days since dispute, please remove old info. Others were verified.

You then could do a goodwill letter.

One thing to make sure of though, is sometimes they will simply remove the whole line. You will need to monitor closely.

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It really depends on what you want.

For credit repair, it you want perfect credit, then there is a pro and a con.

Negative entries on a good tradeline (which is different from a perfect tradeline) will adversely affect your credit score. The severity depends on how negative it was and when it happened.

The CRAs track this behavior and assign a value to it, thus giving you a less than optimal score.

I have disputed late payments, etc for paid accounts and got the negative information removed. In my dispute letters, I was VERY specific to what I was EXACTLY disputing and that everything else in the tradeline was correct.

The drawback is that if a OC doesn't respond to a CRA request, then the CRA will simply delete the tradeline.

That puts you in a fuzzy area because it depends on how much you are willing to risk losing good (but not perfect tradelines) credit.

You might be better off keeping a good tradeline.

I have had perfect tradelines deleted before and it took me months to get the boneheads at the OCs to get that tradeline put back in.

So, the answer really depends, are you looking for perfect credit (no late payments, etc) or good credit?

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Also keep in mind, that generally, late pays that are over 2 years old are barely factored into your score, if at all. It's the "eyeball" factor at that point ~ meaning it's not very attractive during a manual review.

It's very possible to get very very very good credit, even with a couple of late pays.

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That point is absolutely correct!!!

When a computer makes a decision, it is looking for a score and a few variables that have been plugged in. Either you are within their cutoff or not.

All that gets [EXPLETIVE DELETED] up when a human being looks at your credit report.

A few places (the ones that are not automated), someone has like told me every negative entry on my credit report and wanted an explanation. The eyeball factor is what gives some of these small creditors a stiffy. It is like they get a woody wanting to know all the reasons why that negative entry is there in the first place.

At that point, I wished that a computer was looking at my credit report instead.

Only one time did a creditor approve me because of eyeballing my credit report and with some very fast talking on my end. I still got approved but for a much higher interest rate (it was refinancing for my car).

As for late payments, like I said earlier, it depends on the severity and when it happened. Cookiemnster is absolutely correct that a few minor incidents will have very little impact on your score as time passes.

Bigger ones are a different story. Little ones are not going to be much of a variance...

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