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I think EQ *FINALLY* got the picture....

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Got bored, and decided to check my PrivacyGuard to see if it worked again yet(EQ had locked me out of my file in retailation to the suit I filed against them).

Not only did EQ unlock my credit file, but I was down to 3 negatives on my CR from 8 before I filed my suit! Included amongst the deleted was that tradeline they kept reinserting on me, and paying up to me in FCRA violations every time I noticed it. Remaining is that hick CA in Washington that I keep meaning to sue and putting off, that freaking chargeoff from Bank of America that I can't shake loose, and some 500 dollar thing for some joint I've never heard of. My score is up NINETY POINTS!

I think maybe they're finally starting to comprehend that I'm not dicking around when it comes to them. Unfortunately for them, however...I still have 3 negatives on my report that don't belong there...now they need to learn that taking half a journey isn't good enough--that they've got to take the whole trip.

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Yeah, no way people like us can ever really hurt them in the wallet, but eventually even a company as extralegal and flagrantly sub-rosa as these guys are have to cave in after 5 or 6 payments and just do what the person wants to get him/her out of their hair.

Best part is, I didn't even dispute these things recently, they went and were all "considerate" to me all on their very own, even though the judge couldn't order them to remove the stuff.

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