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Praecipe to vacate judgement(long)


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Ok a few weeks ago i had to visit our local court house to get some paperwork --when i was getting the paperwork that i needed --i found a paper that said praecipte to vacate judgement.

To the prothonotary kindly vacate the judegment which was entered on 8-3-99 against xxxxx and xxxx defendents in the amount of 107,118.88 relative tot he above matter. it is signed and the plaintiff's attorney and dated 8-18-99

Now the judgement is on my husband's equifax report as satisifed

it reads filed 5-2000 satisfied date 10/00 satisifed.

Now the judgement is on all 3 trasnuion, equfiax and experian report for me and it is listed as non paid

Any idea what to do for my reports--

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Do you know if that document has been recorded at the county clerk's office (a further step than just having it sitting in the court file)?

If it were me, as a threshhold issue I'd make sure to record a certified copy of it if that hadn't already been done.

I wouldn't send it to any CRA unless I were rather desperate ... you'll be stuck with the entries for 7 years from the date of the document, even though you could use it to make the 2 that say "unpaid" show "paid". Frankly, you'd rather try craftier methods to get them off entirely first, like disputing older addresses off your report, then sending a "not mine" dispute and hoping attribution is tenuous enough that the CRA will take your word for that.

However, here's the interesting part; and I don't know what the answer is in your state. The document vacates the judgment. In Florida, there's a document called a satisfaction of judgment that simply says "the item is paid". To vacate a judgment here would make the original judgment a nullity. In my view, the latter document would entitle the holder to demand that the CRAs remove every jot and tittle of their entries. I don't know if it's the same in your state.

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