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I need the equifax records....

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For my lawsuit next month I need to subpoena records from Equifax that show EXACT dates of my dispute and verification, then my subsequent re-dispute and re-verification, my updated credit reports only show a month and year but no day. Equifax will not send me these records, so on the subpoena what SPECIFIC records should I ask for?

I need to show the judge that even after receipt of a certified letter materials/receipts/statements I sent the Defendant showing my account had a $0 balance the Defendant re-verified my 2nd dispute falsely by reporting a $4000+ balance.

Thanks and I hope I am not becoming a posting freak!

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If you have not filed a lawsuit yet, there is usually no way to get a subpoena for documents.

After you sue and Equifax is a party to the lawsuit, you can just send a request for production to them and they will have to cough it up. Just ask for everything: all their records and data regarding your name and social security number, including dispute records, verification from creditors, correspondence, etc.

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