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Need advice, about being sued and if I should consider BK


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Hi all! Been a while since I posted. Been watching the forum go through changes. Congrads to all the new moderators. :D

I would like some advise about income from Social Security Disability payments I get.

I live in WA State.

It is my understanding that this type of money is safe from predator collection.

Also any money from L&I (labor and industries) payments.

Know anything that I may have misunderstood about this? Or am I right?

Based on the above being true I would like to know what can happen if I get sued by one or more creditors?

I don’t think I need to file BK since I don’t have much more than my state allows me to keep in a BK anyway.

Can anyone see any holes in this cheese?:p

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Your cheese looks pretty solid to me ;)

You are correct, SSI and other public benefits are 100% exempt from siezure - they can't get their grimy little paws on any of it. If you haven't any non-exempt assets, then you're probably ok. However, that won't stop some creditors from suing. Judgments have long SOLs and they can hound you with interrogatories and debtor exams for the life of the judgment. These types are going after anything you may get in the future, not what you have now.

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WoW LnR thats dirty-pool.

I guess you must know people on the dirty end of that stick.

I hope I don't have to go through that type of PitBull tactic from some rent-a-bloodhound creditor. :roll:

One thing I thought of. They can not get that money as you say. But... can they get what you buy with it?

I bet they can. Say you buy a big ticket item with SSD funds, how would you prove it? They could grab anything you can't eat I bet.

What do you think? :?:

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