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What should I do with this letter from OC?


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I disputed the account with the CRA, who contacted the OC. This is a 5-6yr old unpaid charge-off. In my letter from the OC they tell me that they informed the CRA's that the account should be reported as disputed pending further investigation. They tell me that if I wish to continue to dispute the reporting of this account I have to send in a signed copy of the enclosed Affidavit of Fact. They also state that if they don't receive the Affidavit they account will continue to report as "Disputed by Customer"

Included in the letter were two different choices for me to fill out and sign, including address, phone, work phone and ssn.

1. Wants me to state I believe the account is fraudulent and that I have never applied for a card, or given any personal info about my address, employment, or income to 4 different listed banks or any of their affiliates. I also wants me to swear to some more stuff along the same lines.

2. I swear that this is my account and that I'm no longer disputing it and I swear that it isn't fraudulent.


Is this letter a bunch of stalling and trying to get info from me that I don't legally have to provide? I'm guessing I shouldn't send them anything, just wait my 30 days from the cra and see what they say....or should I send a letter to the oc requesting proof that the account they are reporting on is mine? Or even send them a letter going nuts that they send me that type of crap letter and demand that they prove the account they reported as mine as truely being mine?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Ahhhh... the ol' Bank1One letter...

I was thinking, we ought to have a CHOD period for these as well, where everyone sends them back on the same date.

I did not sign & send mine back, and still got a few deletions, but one TL still stuck on my EQ report, and I haven't pursued it any further yet. Everyone gets these.. you may want to do a search for "affidavit of fact" and see how others fared.

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