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Need suggestions please.....


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I have only one negative left on my CR. I have never disputed anything before, all my other negatives were about eight years old, I guess THEY removed them.

Anyway, I have the one 30 day late in 12/1999, from HHLD BANK, I guess it's household bank. I had closed the account 1/2002, according to my CR. I don't even have an account number for this card anymore. How should I go about this, should I just plead with Household Bank to remove it? Should I disbute it with the CRA as "it wasn't me" and play dumb? What is the best coarse of action? I will be selling my house and buying another in March/April, so I need to take care of it.


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Not sure what you mean by "TL".

This is what it looks like on EQ;

Account number: not on record

Account type: Revolving

Credit limit: 600.00

Minimum mth pmt: 0.00

Date opened Sept, 1998

date last activity: Jan. 2002

Description: Acct closed at consumers request

Paid acct/zero balance

Last report on Jan. 2002

Balance current status

$0 pays as agreed

Recent payment history

30 days late: 1 60 days late: 0 90+ days late: 0


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The bad part about claiming as "not mine" could result in deletion of the whole TL. Since the rest of it is good, you don't want that. The best way is to state that you do not recall ever being late with your payments and would they please verify this or remove the late remark. This way if the OC does not respond, the CRA will remove the late remarks.

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