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Two previously closed CC's- Can I open them?

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I Have two CC that I closed before I filed bk in 98 and they were never late and both had a $400 limit- one from Mervyns(target) and the other from Lane Bryant.

Would it be a good decision to try and open these or should I just leave them as closed?

I understand If I open them I should only carry about a 30% balance on them...I would like to be able to bring my credit score up and am in current CHOD with CRA's. Thanks -Dawn C

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My DH had about 8 fantastic store cards and high limits too prior to his divorce. He closed them all and paid them all off.

We attempted to open a few of the really good ones, and it didn't fly. We were told to reapply, which of course meant new inquiries and not great scores then too, so we didn't do it.

It can't hurt to try unless they do an inquiry...which due to age of the closed accounts I am sure they will have to run a new report on you.

Sorry, good luck!

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