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What makes a dispute "irrelevant?"


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I sent three disputes to EX during CHOD and they were all delivered on 11/26. In each, I included information on my attempts to contact the OCs and their failure to respond to my correspondence. I also included copies of my BBB and state AG complaints on the OCs for their failure to mark the accounts as in dispute - in violation of the FCRA.

Saturday, I received responses from EX on two of the disputes (I expect the third to arrive any day now) and they said that they would not reinvestigate the items because they had been investigated earlier and verified by the information furnishers. They did not call the disputes frivolous (as TU likes to do) but just said they would not reinvestigate.

Has anyone had any luck getting past this with EX?

What is the criteria they must meet to label a dispute as irrelevant?

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