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EQ..... they have some issues

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I have sent two letters, both with copies of my drivers license, social security card and pay stub, all to get my address changed to my new address. So far, I've gotten two letters from them (in response to each of my letters) saying that I need to include information to verify my identification and address. My license has my current address, as does my pay stub. Pay stub also has SSN. wtf is wrong with these people? TU updated on the first letter, no problems. EX took two letters, they sent a similar response as EQ's after my first letter to them, but the second letter was sent, address info was changed. Now EQ is just being plain difficult. Am I just supposed to keep investing money into sending letters to them with the information so they can write back asking for the info that I already sent them and save themselves from actually doing anything?

On a side note, with the information I've gotten from this message board, I've managed to get my credit in better shape and was recently approved for a credit card at a jewelry store, just in time to buy stuff for my wife for our anniversary, Christmas and her birthday. I was lacking revolving credit accounts, so hopefully I don't screw this one up. :)

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I would get on the horn and contact each CRA personally.

Each CRA changed personal data for me on the phone without any hassles. That includes addresses, employer information, job title, various names, and even extraneous SSN with EX. They did it right there while I was on the phone.

I have never really experienced a problem before.

Now for the CRA that hassles you, get on the horn and explain your situation and ask the rep for EXACTLY what you need to provide and also get their name and employee ID. And tell them that if this gets screwed up, that you are personally writing in the letter that Employee Name/ID told you that this is what is needed.

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