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Well so far I got my TU and my some what EX results back. For TU, I disputed one paid CO as never late and another paid CO as incorrect balance. They deleted the never late but just changed the amount of the other to $0 (it was something different before that).

Now if somebody can hep me here I would appreciate it. The one that remained also had been bought by a CA and listed for collection, and that remained also (I disputed incorrect balance for this as well). So for TU, I have one zero balance CO from the OC and another zero balance from CA with the same account number as the CO. How do I get both of these deleted now?

And for EX I just got the letter that says that I didn't state what was incorrect with my accounts and that they are not going to investigate it unless I send in more information. I laughed at this and chucked the letter. At least I can get these deleted in 30 days.

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