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So Providian wants to play rough. It's time to sue there @$$


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I have this paid CO with Providian and I have sent 2 validation letters and 1 48 hour validation letter. I had a partial account number so I decided to contact them for the full account number so I can make sure in court I can say they knew who I was when I was contacting them.

I called and talked to someone and they couldn't give me the account and I ended up telling her that the account wasn't mine and that is why I couldn't look at a statement for the account number. She said that the debt was sold to Vision and I should contact them. I told her that Providian is reporting it on my credit report and I didn't know why. So she said you need to speak to fraud and we will investigate it for you. She trasfered me to them and they said that they couldn't help me because the account had been sold.

Well I look today and they pulled my credit report on EX and TU. They must have done something funny on EX because it dropped my score about 90 points. I all ready had an intent to sue letter that I was going to send out this morning, but they didn't have PP to pull my credit report. I also think that they might have reaged it but PG doesn't show it.

I think I have them by the balls. I have never made it to the stage to actually going down to the court house and suing them, but that will be done this after noon. I am going to send them a settlement letter after I file in court today for $3500 and deletion of the tradeline and the inquiries.

Any advice for me. I have been thrown into the game and I want to make sure that I am running the right plays.

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