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TU verified...but now it's really wrong!


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DH and I filed BK in 10/2001. It was discharged in 01/2002. We had included the house in BK. The mortgage company obtained relief from the automatic stay and the foreclosure was final in 04/2003. The house was subsequently sold at a public auction 09/2003.

At the beginning of October, the mortgage TL showed ONLY 90 days past due (with no mention of IIB). Towards the end of October it was updated to show Foreclosure Redeemed/90 days past due (still no mention of IIB). I disputed the mortgage TL with TU as "not mine." NOW, they verified, and it is showing....Foreclosure Redeemed/120 days past due/Balance owed $36,534.

Argh. I'm worse off now than I was before. So far, since the beginning of October, my TU FAKO has dropped close to 100 pts.

Any ideas on what to do next? The reporting has been incorrect on TU all along. And, now they are saying I owe them over $36,000.


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