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RE: How Credit Bureaus verify or Don't verify

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I read some postings on CollectionIndustry.com and a CA has posted some information about how the CRA's verify or don't verify. This person posted the following..."When we report a collection to the bureaus on a UDF we include at the bottom that this item is to remain until the SOL runs out or the consumer has paid in full once the consumer pay in full we will change it at the bureaus as a paid collection. We do not see the dispute because we let the bureaus know upfront that it will stay.The bureaus never contact us they just follow our notes at the bottom of the UDF". "Once the consumer dispute it the bureaus will pull my UDF and see the notes at the bottom. If I dont put any notes at the bottom then they(bureaus)will send me a email. All I need to do is say THE INFORMATION IS CORRECT case closed". Now this is from a collection agent. If this crap is true, how can any consumer get past this?

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