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The debtor moved out & now what?

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My uncle lived with me & my wife on & off (do to his job as a musician). 5 months ago -after our relationship had a fallout -he decided to move out. We don't know exactly where in Canada he moved to. He is 74 years old & has no permenent job.

Over the past 7 years we made minimum monthly payments on his credit card debt. In turn he paid us back every 2-3 months. He always paid us back in a form of a credit advance check or cash.

At this point he is not paying us in order for us to make the minimum payment nor he's making payments himself directly. His bills are pilling up & collectors are calling.

We don't know his address to forward his mail. Should we stop his mail for coming to our house since he is out of touch with us?

Would that creditors for calling?

Other way we can stop collectors from calling our number?

Any advice?

Thanks in advance

PS. Our names are not in any of his accounts however after all these years is feels like we are responsible.

Weird... :shock:

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You can pick your friends but you cannot pick your relatives...

If you are not financially responsible, then tell the collectors that nobody of this name lives here anymore.

You really have to be firm with the collectors because if they ever get a hint that they may be able to locate your uncle, they will hound you until doomsday.

Many collectors don't care if they break the law. Many of their employers allow it and even encourage it.

You will have to talk to a collector's supervisor and tell them that no such guy lives here and to get this number removed off of their list or you will change the number. And if worse comes to worse, then change your number.

And don't give any collector any personal information about yourself.

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Similar situation with my girlfriends' daughter using her information...address, phone :(

Like Ravenous said, be firm :!: That's how she got the collectors to stop calling her. she did not waviver from her story. "No one by that name lives here, if you insist on the continued harrassment I will sue you and your company".

It worked for her so I pass it on to you. Good Luck and let us know how it's going :wink:

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