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Victory..sort of


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Hey guys I need some good advice on this one. Experts please chime in...

Here goes:

I had a fingerhut account that was closed in July 2002 and sold to Compucredit. According to what I seen on this board and thru the actions of other creditors, once a company closes an account and it is sold they are required to update the balance to zero correct? Even though I knew the account had been sold I never had proof since I long disposed of the dunning letter received from Compucredit.

Today I received a letter along with some old bills from Fingerhut due to filing a complaint with the BBB. This is an excerpt from the letter:This account was closed in July 2002........Compucredit Corporation PURCHASED the Fignerhut receivables from Fingerhut. CompuCredit owns the balance on your account and you are responsible for paying the balance.

Now with that being said where can I find information that clearly states a creditor, once an acccount is sold, should update and report a zero balance. They are reporting information that they DO not own. I know this is long but please help. I have been trying for quite sometime to get t his removed and this maybe my chance. BTW, Compucredit is not on my report and they assigned, I assume, this account to Plaza Associates. Once I got the dunning letter from them and sent the DV I received a letter from them stating that, " In regards to your previous request. WE have attempted to obtain the information you requested. Unfortunately, our client has been unable to provide us with that information. Accordingly, we are closing our file in this matter.

Let me know if I have a good chance to get this removed from my reports. THANKS for all the help.

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