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Privacy guard report...our score is less when it should be..


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I just ordered our CR from privacyguard.com. Although I really like the format, I am so frustrated by the way it reads. (If you are not familiar with the format they list each CRA together so you see each month together). How can Transunion have us a late in June for example but Experian and Equifax has us as current? Then in August Transunion and Experian has us as current but Equifax doesn't. Also, our score is down by at least 75 points! On our CC, all of our balances are less than 15% usage. We have been current across the board for the last 11 months. I pulled our report in October and it was a lot better than what it is today. Sonofabitch. I can see one explanation; we have 5 unauthorized inquires. But that is all I can see. What the $^%(*!

Thank you in advance for your comments. God this is so frustrating.... :cry:

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