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I would like to know why I keep getting bounced around from one CA to the other? I have sent out DV letters and they never respond. Today I got a call from another CA looking to settle, however they want $4,100.00 up front for a 13,000.00 outstanding acct. Then monthly payments of $600.00. NO WAY can I come up with that amount of money. This account is not on any of my reports.

What should I do? They keep calling me. I don't want this to show back up on my reports.

Any advice would be helpful.

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I would suggest that you surf through the Debt Validation forum. It is loaded with plenty of posts and threads about people in similar situations and how they dealt with collection agencies.

For the CAs who are reporting to the CRAs, then DV would be the path to go.

And for the CAs who are not reporting, then continue with DV. If they cannot prove that a debt does indeed belong to you, then they cannot report it on your credit report.

And keep everything that a CA sends you, even if they don't send you anything. The green cards from the CRMMM is pure gold. If a CA does not respond, then you have the proof that you need that the CA refuses to prove that this debt does belong to you and that is the proof you need to show the CRAs.

It is actually a good thing when you get nothing from a CA after you DV them. Those green cards are gold.

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