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Experian, come on down!


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Just called EX to check the status of my CHOD with them(came due on the 26th). They had sent me a form letter asking for address verification mid December(obviously didn't respond to it).

Today, they said the letter they sent was a "previously investigated" letter. Informed them nice try, this is what you sent...then they tried talking about how I was obligated to reply to that letter. Informed them that since the address I sent the letters from was the address on my report, there should be no address issues, and that address has been good enough to send me CR's for the last 6 months.

They said they didn't have to investigate my disputes because I didn't reply to it, I said tell that to Equifax and TransUnion, welcome to the party, and prepare to open your checkbook. And that was that :).

Now all I gotta do is see if I can get a court date before the like 18th or 19th of next month.

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