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Capital One says "no" Is it worth the fight in co


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Well after filing with the BBB back in October and sending two letters with Capital One, John Higgins the Executive at Capital One will not delete the adverse tradeline and will continue collections on my account within the law. (Yeah right his law!) He claims that the Charge Off date date was Dec 20th yet he has not sent me a copy of the statements as evidence. So I will send the Attorney General of Virginia copies of my dispute along with California's Attorney General. I shall also file a complaint with the FTC.

Is this fight worth it? See my point here. This is the seventh year and according to my credit report both TU & EQ report last actvitiy for March and April of 1997. (easy) But EXP report DEc of 1997(this is a lie) So I can fight these two bureaus and claim the reporting as outdated or obsolete and get early deletions.

Experian I plan on attacking them by getting them to verify the date of last activity. If the charge was in Dec then the date of last activity would be earlier than DEC 20th. Not sure that court would be helpful since this is the year that the seven year reporting ends. What's in your (wallet) oops! thoughts.

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