I'm moving into my house tomorrow!

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Hi everyone! I haven't been here in forever (I've been concentrating on other areas of my life.) Anyway, long story short, I just closed on my house on friday. Through a odd course of events, I've ended moving from southern california to northern virginia. For those of you who don't know me, when I started my credit was AWEFUL! I had over $100000 of student loans in default, collections up the wazoo, luckily no bancrupcies, forclosures or repossessions but still, it was bad. My husbands credit was almost as bad. After, tons of letters and consolodating and deferring my student loans I was able to buy a house with no downpayment. The interest rate isn't that bad either: 8.5% but it goes down to 7.5% after we have 20% equity (which shouldn't take that long here in fairfax county!) For any of you in doubt, this stuff works! It takes time and patience (and a lot of stamps, faxes and certified mail). I don't know what our scores are (we've just been concentrating on getting rid of the negatives.) We're going to find out sooner or later (when we feel like dropping 60 bucks or so on 6 credit reports.) Anyway, about my house, it's a townhouse (which I've been told is the state flower of virginia) but it's in a super nice neighborhood. We've been spending the weekend painting and the movers will be bringing our stuff tomorrow (my company relocated me.) Anyway, for those of you still working on this stuff, keep plugging away at it. I'll drop by every now and then and say hi.

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That's GREAT NEW!! Congratulations on becoming a new home owner tech xdancex:)%xdancex .

You're absolutely right about the patience part :D ...and the stamps and the faxes. But it is truly worth it when you can say you accomplished what appeared to be the impossible when you start down this credit repair road.

Enjoy your new home! I'll hold you to the part of dropping in to let us know how you're doing :wink:

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Techgoddess; that is outstanding work! I know what your credit

was like. My question is how in the world did you delete 100k in

student loans?

Be carefull with student loans; the govt can attach a lien to your

house and garnish wages.

Again congratulations with all that disputing!


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ALL right tech congrats to your move to a whole new world we will defianetly miss you alot of your threads have gotten some great deletions for me. I appreciate all that you have shared here on this site. Good luck and great success in you new town.

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OMG Tech, I was just thinking about you the other day....and that cute lil avatar you used to have with the lil girl (daughter?) with the party hat on, and the glasses, giving that "What the hell are you staring at?" look. Anyone else remember that? (at least I hope it was you that had it) :?

Glad everything is working out for you! Stop in once in a while! :D

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Techgoddes, Congrats!!

So I take it you are not in CALI anymore?????

What happened, got relocated????

Nope, I'm not in Cali anymore (btw mexican food in VA sucks!) Anyway, since you're so curious, here's the whole story...

I got laid off from my awesome job in San Diego back in September. They weren't getting the contracts they were expecting, blah, blah, blah. Anyway I found myself unemployed again. I really wanted to stay in Cali but I just wasn't getting any bites so I expanded the search to the whole country. November rolled around and I got a call from the applied physics lab at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland and they wanted to fly me out for an interview two weeks later. I think it was then next day that I got a call from Raytheon in Falls Church Virginia and they wanted to fly me out for an interview the next week (btw way at this same time, all of SoCal was on fire!) Anyway, I went out to interview with Raytheon and that went really well and then the next week I went out to interview with Johns Hopkins. The same day I interviewed at Johns Hopkins, Raytheon made me an offer. Johns Hopkins ended up not making me an offer because they didn't think they could get me a clearance fast enough. Anyway, Raytheon relocated me and put me up in corporate housing and hooked me up with a realtor and mortgage company. I called up the mortgage company on a whim and you could have knocked me over with a feather when they pre-approved me just on my income (since my DH had to quit his job to come out here.) Anyway, we only went looking for houses one day and we ended up buying the second house we looked at. I'm just amazed. The only credit issue we had to deal with was there was a late fee on DH's credit report from a speeding ticket he got. Well, that's the story. I'm rockin' at my new job. I'm a work animal!

BTW Morrow, you're right, that picture was my daughter (she looks just like me only smaller!)

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I'ms so glad to see you are doing fine and that your credit is well. :D:D:D

I also tried to get some work down in the SAN DIEGO area, there seems to be a lot of listings on DICE but I question if they are legit.

I'm so sorry to see you had to leave SoCal, I got the impression you and your family liked it out here, but I must agree it is very expensive and it is getting more and more competitive. High tech is not doing well at all!!

I'm glad to see that you have a home, next time you come out here, when the market picks up, you might be able to jump into a house.

My mom is in REAL ESTATE; On the average real estate appreciates 6% a year over a 10 yr avg. So you want to get into the most expensive house you can afford because you can leverage your income. Real Estate in SoCal has been appreciating at approx 20% a year. Some people just live off the appreciation of their homes. Anyhow the next high tech boom you might be able to save for a year and then jump in. .. I'm sure you made some good friends when you were down here, you might want to make arrangements to stay with them!!! During the last boom there was a girl that was commuting to Orange County from San Diego, but the stress got to here, she was making great money but it all went to rent. I was terrible!!

I'm serously thinking of getting a MASTERS in something because it looks like that what it takes to get a good job down here anymore!!!

Anyhow, I hope you and your family are doing well, and(this is going to sound silly, but I had to quit my last job due to lack of going to the gym) don't forget to do excercises to strengthen your back. I had to quit my 80k/yr job because I got sedatary and stopped excercising. All that sitting down, watching TV, driving to work, sitting down, eventually got to me!!! Good posture is very important. I also have found the doing military press and up right rowing exercises are very helpfull and doing yard work;They strengthen you back and keep you mobile!!!! Ask your husband he will explain what Military Press , and upright rowing are. .. I know it sounds dumb, but not as much as having to quit an 80k/yr kick back job: I took it for granted!!!! If you have a desk job you have to excercise, no way around it, I tried to cut corners and ended up paying for it!!! ... I was doing embedded design and had them locked in on a tight contract, I never would have thought I would have to quit due to health resons!!!

... anyhow, I'm glad you have had some time to post, I hope you drop in some more, and congrats on the credit!!!!! :D:D:D

Say hi to your family :D:D:D

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