% Sears might accept?

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I owe Sears $1900. I have several lates on my credit reports going back several years. I am current now, but was late as recently as a year ago.

Can someone tell me what percentage Sears might accept along with deleting the lates and showing me Paid/Closed or Paid As Agreed? I realize by being current now and asking for deletion of lates I'd have to pay a high % of what I owe. I am unemployed and it is hard to justify paying my minimum only to go further in debt due to the high interest rate (which they will never reduce). A family member would let me borrow some money to settle this :) , but I need to know a ballpark % to offer before I start going back and forth with Sears.


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I have the same amount with a slight twist. This amount has now been C/O. Last DOLA was in 2000. I'm working on cleaning up my credit and would like to take care of this rather quickly now that I can.

However, I read recently that Sears (credit card portion) has just been bought by Citigroup. So now I don't know if I should deal with Sears or deal with Citigroup? I could wait and see if I get a letter from citigroup about it but I don't know how long this might take with all the transitions going on. :?::?

Unfortunately I'm on a time crunch 3 months max to get this taken care of.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :D

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gprncss, I assume that this is a charge off account, not an open account.

If so, please read this thread:

If the DOLA was 2000, then for many states, the SOL is rapidly approaching. That is the leverage you can use for a settlements.

You have to find the right person of the right department to talk to before you can cut a deal. And you have to have money in your hand in order to make a deal.

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