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"LOST OR STOLEN CARD" entry on Equifax

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Does this notation (Lost or Stolen Card) on a CR affect the FICO score any? I misplaced the card in my home in 2000, reported it as lost, but then found it shortly thereafter and kept the same account number. I entered into a settlement on this account in 2002. I have two entries showing on Equifax, the "Lost or Stolen" entry with a "Date Reported" of 2000, and the entry of "Pays as Agreed" (status) with "Settlement Accepted on this Account" (Comments). Two separate entries but with the same account number. I think the "Pays as Agreed" entry is helping my FICO score, but not sure if the "Lost or Stolen" is hurting it. Concerned that if I request that the CRs remove the "Lost or Stolen" entry the "Pays as Agreed" entry might also be removed. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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