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Calvery Investments and Chase


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Ok, I'm a newbie and just learning this credit repair stuff. You guys are great! Have got off to a great start thanks to reading through your posts and other material, but have run into a situation I don't want to mess up. First, I disputed on-line a lot of old credit card debt with all 3 bureaus. (Note: I have read the debate as to whether to do it on-line or with RRC letter. I now see the advantage to the letter method as will become clearer as I get through my question) One of my creditors was Chase. It was only reported to Equifax. There were two accounts. I disputed them both on 1.29.04. Began receiving letters from CSC (Equifax) acknowledging my disputes, deleting some, telling me others were mine. Now the 30 days has passed. One of the Chase dropped off without any notice from CSC (Equifax) but I was happy about it anyway. I never received acknowledgement regarding either of the Chase accounts. Now, I pulled my report and one of the Chase accounts was still there as I expected, but to my dismay, a brand new COLLECTION ACCOUNT from Calvery Investments, LLC has popped up with the balance from Chase and is stating it was reported on 10/03. It was NOT reported as a COLLECTION until 3.7.04 It wasn't even on a report I pulled on 3.4.04. Chase however, WAS on my report in 10/03. Now, my question. Now that I don't have a RRC letter showing I disputed these Chase accounts with Equifax I'm not sure what to do. Do I do a debt validation with the CA or do another dispute with the CRA (by letter this time) that would give them another 30 days?? correct?? or both? If so, what law do I quote? Chase is carrying the past balance due and so is Calvery Investments, LLC. Any guidance would be appreciated. I know they have done something wrong, but I'm confused right now as to what to zero in on and don't want to miss an opportunity to get this off my report.

I know this has been a bit long, but I hope I have stated my dilema clearly so that one of you guru's out there can help me. Thank you in advance for any help or direction.

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