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Need a quick reply on how much to try and sue for

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On a couple previous posts I mentioned a problem with a CA who listed an account with the big three CRAs that they knew was bad. They said it was "their policy".

In summary. I called the CA and all the CRAs.

On 1/15/2004 the CA sent me a letter saying that the account was referred in error. when questioned by the CRAs the responses were:

1. TU: no response - removed from my credit report.

2. EX: the CA gave them an electronic verification on 1/26/2004 saying the account was good. Then on 2/1/2004 updated it to show PIF where it now sits on my CR. EX said they will provide a copy with a subpoena.

3. EQ: the CA verified the account through a written letter they received in the mail on 2/24/2004. They verified the account which also shows that it was paid. This is also currently on my credit report. EQ said they would provide a copy with a subpoena.

I never paid the account - I never owed the money.

Anyways, the NY State Attorney General's Office offered to handle this problem for me. They also want to know how much of a fine I feel I'm owed. (I'm hoping the CA will settle with the SAG office - along with changing their corporate policy - and I'll save the trouble of going to court).

DOES this all count as one incident $1,000, or would all these false verifications be considered seperate incidences?

Anyone who knows, please let me know so I can get copies of all this stuff to the SAG. THANKS

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If the CA knew the info was wrong and posted it anyway...that's willful and you can be entitled to punitive damages as well as actual, which can include mental suffering, embarrasment, defamation of character, etc.

I think I'd go after them myself (or with another attorney) on both the FDCPA and FCRA violations.

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