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Pennsylvania Auto Repossession - Help!

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My sister hooked me up to your excellent site, so I'm hoping you guys can help.

My car was repossessed back in September. I owe a balance to US Bank of $3,400. Its gone to some collection agency called Capital Management and they are threatening to sue me on behalf of US Bank. I would be happy to make payment arrangements but they said that they will only take $500 by Friday and payments for the rest.

They are also calling my folks house and I don't want to upset them. I never received any kind of letter from this agency, and I didn't get any information from US Bank after my car was repo'd.

Can anyone tell me what the laws in PA are? I've tried checking out some of the links on this site and its all very confusing.

Is this collection agency subject to the FDCPA? They said something about sending something to the Human Resources office at my job. Are they talking garnishment?

Please help me out. Thanks!

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Thanks for the info, but it looks like that will be helpful for me to send two years down the road.

The bank did not provide me with any information once they took the car. I had a few things still left in it. Shouldn't I have been given notice of how I could get those things back?

Also, does this company that is calling me now (I'm assuming they are a collection agency) have a right to sue me? The balance is $3,400.

Should I send them a validation letter or something? Can they garnish my wages or send something to my job?

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