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:x Well today i tired to get a copy of my file on line but was denied i guess i didnot answer one o f the question right so i called the number and spoke to a service rep...

Me. i was denied online access to my report

them.yes you answered a question wrong

Me. which question was it

them. Cannot tell you but we can try it again hold one please

me ok

them. can you please answer the following yor address, ss# date of birth

Me answered them all right

them -according to your credit report you opened a car loan in 1980 can you remember the company this is with?

Me no i cannot

them ok well can you answer this question in 1990 you had another car loan can you remember who with

Me yes Ford Motor credit and Gmac

Them ok can you remember what the payments were with Ford and Gmac

Me no icannot --can you remember your debit payments from 10 years ago.

Them well im sorry to say that im not able to release your credit file to you on line as i have been unable to verfiy your indenty.

Me--well how can i get a copy of my report

them--call the 800# and answer the questions and one will be sent to you

Me --do you relize that all they ask for on the phone is your addy, name

and were you recenlty denied credit and if so by whom and ss#

Them --yes

Me well you know lady 6 months ago i did that and i told the automated machine all of that but i made up a name of a company was not diend credit back then and i was sent a report--talk about identity theft anyone can get a report if you know the person ss # and addy you may want to think of a way that people cannot dothat...

I had so much fun saying that to her she just studder the rest of the time i had her onthe phone...

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I had a similar problem getting my TU report online. We moved 2x last summer from a house we had lived in for 7 years to a rental for 2 months until we moved in to the house we purchased. When I answered the where did you live prior question, I used the address where we lived the longest, thinking that the rental place wasnt on the report. Worked ok for EQ and EX but not TU. They wanted the rental address. locked me out of my online report. I called and got it in 2 days via the telephone method so no biggee.

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Why in the hell would they want to ask you about something over 20 years ago just to get your CR. I mean come on, my folks barely remember how old I was back in 1980 much less what they paid on a car note back then. O well I have none of those problems, I only have 1 address and that is a PO Box and back in 1980 I was only 2 years old so they shouldn't even ask me anything that far back.

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