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american agency, aka ACA receivalbles the same?


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If that is the case, i know i should never ever speak to a AC. but, i have doing this for many years and i know how not to give them any answers that i am the one in controll of the call. If they stay on the phone i will get what i want. With that said, yesterday i call regarding a request for validation that i requested in January that they never validated. because it was still remaining on my credit. i spoke to two different agent they faut me at first then went and consulted with her supervisor and agreed to take the listing off of my credit then the other supervisor got my message and calledme back within 15 min . In the beginning they said it was sent to the fraud and that they would send me forms to fill out before they can take them out. i told them that was not exceptable under no circumstances that i was in the middle of a loan that if i close they are going to pay me for the duration of my loan the amount of interest tht i may have to take and other violations as a result of there willful non-compliance. in short she also agreed to delete within 72 hours . i also bought up the fact and faxed them the State secretary record of them not be licensed. the second supervisor that called me back and tried to bluff me said she wanted to talk to my attorney who is giving me this advise i said sure I called him on a three way, now mind you the first agents when they tell you the rights in the beginning of the call that you are being recorded i say to them and i will record as well she said no, i said that i have a attorney on the line as well they said they cannot have a third party on the phone. well i said to the third party hangup. long story short after 30 minute debate, she said she wanted to talk to the attorney i told her i had not retained him yet that he was advising me. She insisted. she faxing me the deleting letter and fraud forms to the attorney who i have not retained ha! Ha!, which i also told her not to do and to mail me what ever she wanted to send shes going to do both. in the end all three negative entries are being deleted in 72 hours for 60 days until they a"receive the fraud forms signed" ha!ha! My question is, is ACA receivables the same because i read somewhere that they cannot report and collect under a different name other then themselves. If that is the case ACA receivables, LLC is licensed in the state of California she waited on the phone for me to pull up the site. she said they are the same.

For the record one entry the statue of limitation is up, the other two are at a different address from where i live, so is the first one. I do not recall these debts

i do know that american agency license is suspended. so what is that law on where they cannot collect under a different name?

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