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Collections where the OC is a utility company.....


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I have two collections both with NCO. One is for Ameren UE and the other is with Southwestern bell.. I DV the one for Ameren UE and they sent me a computer genterate print out of a bunch of stuff I dont understand (may have been a computer screen print out). If Im correct I do not remember signing anything for both services. Would this also fall under the Wollman FTC opinion letter??? Please help... These account are 5 years old and I would love to not have to pay if at all possible......

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I'm having a similar issue with People's Energy (Chicago). Computer printouts as you describe are not validation. They need to give you a lot more than that.

A copy of their license to collect is one.

Full accounting including copies of all bills for the life of the account.

Accounting has to show every penny paid/charged from day one to the last with posting dates.

A copy of their contract with the OC either showing they bought it or are assigned it by the OC.

A copy of their insurace/bond information.

A copy of any judgements they have obtained.

A copy of the contract agreeing to pay the OC. No contract? Then it may fall under verbal agreement for SOL determination.

At five years I'm willing to bet the SOL has run out on them in any case. Check Lawdog to see if it has.

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