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I hate Experian. :)

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Just a ray of sunshine today, they are. Less than 2 weeks ago, I sent off a demand for delete with TONS of supporting documentation on 2 separate accounts, a demand for delete because two tradelines are OBVIOUSLY posted wrong along with a procedural request for these two items, and a procedural request for all the judgments they'd verified in January. Here's what I got back today:

1 letter stating they can't do investigations because I haven't given them proper ID (whatever...I didn't even ask for any investigations)

2 letters stating they can't do investigations because I didn't give detailed explanations as to why the tradelines were wrong (this was for the procedural requests)

1 letter saying 2 judgments are under investigation (funny they couldn't investigate the others because of lack of this or that, but they could do these, which were in the same envelope!!!)

1 letter saying previously investigated.

Are they on CRACK?!?! I have one ITS heading toward CSC...I might as well get ready for another one with EX!! Crikey! :evil:

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