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Another EQUIFAX question...

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I think I asked this before and didn't get a response, so I'm asking again.

I disputed online thru equifax, said I had to do an email dispute. did that. Got a letter a week later saying they needed me to prove addresses. Well, I sent in their proof. I have two addresses on my report. I use my mom's stateside address for credit apps that don't take apo's. So its listing my mom's as my residence and my current address as my previous. I'm assuming this is why they asked for proof.

So I send this in CMRR. They signed for it on feb. 18th.

A couple days after they signed for it, I'm blocked out of PG because equifax did not supply them data due to no credit file or information not matching what they have. OK...

So stay up until midnight here and call them. CSR was nice but dumb. She couldn't pull my report up. I asked her why. She said she couldn't tell me. I said "you can't tell me because its a bad thing or because you really don't know why?" She states again, she doesn't know why.

I explained my situation as stated above and she gave me a fax number to "voice my concerns" on a letter. WTF? I haven't even received anything from equifax in the mail.

I lost the fax number so I'm going to have to have to call when I get to the states on vacation on Tuesday. Do you guys have any idea as to what might have happened? Do you think they might think I'm not who I say I am? Who the heck would want to take my identity anyway? they can't get credit even if they tried, I mean come on!!

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Im not sure what happens in cases like this either. I can tell you that with TU, I didnt give them the correct previous address (we moved 2x last year) and that 'locked' my file for 7 days. Dont know if this is the same situation or not. Of course everything they do is 'for your protection'.


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