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The conventional wisdom is to only deal with the original creditor instead of the collection agency.

But the best suggestion would be to surf through all the posts and threads of this forum. There are plenty of tips and ideas on how to get the settlement on your terms.

And I would suggest that you call up Crap One first. And find the right person of the right department to talk to. A customer service is going to be totally useless in this case. You got to find the right person to talk to.

Although you have to get any agreement in writing, the reason for the phone calls is that it is so important to locate the right person of the right department to talk to. Sending letters to big corporations will take a long time and it is easy for such an outfit to say "no deal" in their reply. That is why you got to be talking to right person of the right department.

Cut the chase and start talking about cutting a deal.

And that you have money in your hand and you are ready to go to the bank and get a cashier's check the moment an acceptable deal is made. In writing of course...

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