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Is this reaging or not


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Credit report from Equifax dated 1-10-04

Collection reported 4-2003

Assigned 12-2000 to america's recovery network

client K-mart amount 51.00 paid balance zero date of last activity 3-1999

Today i get a watch alert from Equifax so i jumped on line to see it it now reads

america's recovery

date reported 3-2004

date assigned 3-99

balance zero

client kmart

balance date 3-2004

status date paid 3-2004

What should i do send them the old report and tell them to remove it.

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The DOLA is the date you last made a payment. CRs generally dont report this because it does vary state by state. Find out the laws in your state.

Pull your reports from all 3 CRAs. Make sure its the CA reporting. DV the CA. An acceptable DV will include your payment history. There is your DOLA. Once you get confirmation of receipt of your DV, dispute to the CRAs. Everything in writing and everything CMRRR. Check your states requirements for CAs. Is this CA licensed in your state if that is required? If not send a letter to your state asking for written confirmation of their business license. You will get a letter back stating they are not licensed and maybe a dispute form (although these are usually available online).

Figure out now if you just want it removed or if you want to pursue legal action... and recourse.

Act accordingly: Want if off... send all your information to the CRAs after DV to remove based based on un-validated collection attempt/debt. Want to sue... let them continue to rack up violations.

In any case-DOCUMENT EVERYTHING.... Dont assume anything... Dont sign anything, dont pay anything and if your not happy... Call a consumer lawyer...

Read, read and read more... Everything you need is at this site.

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