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Thank You Will Tygart!


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I have been meaning to post this a lot sooner, but with moving into our new house I have had a hard time finding the time. I just want to give a big THANK YOU to Will Tygart.

I first started viewing the posts on this board in January and I was looking for advice on how to clean up my credit. My wife and I wanted to buy a house within a year or two, but I had some derogs and collections on my credit report that we thought needed to go first. I visited my local bank and credit union and they would not even give me the time of day. So much for hometown service.

After reading the posts from Mr. Will, I started to believe that it may be possible to get into a house sooner.

So I visited Will's web site http://www.honestmortgage.net and filled out an application. Almost immediately I received a call from Will wanting to know what he could do for us. I told him our situation and he pulled a trimerge report and told me what I needed to do in order to get approved for a loan. At first, we started down the FHA loan process, but then he informed me that my time served in the Army National Guard would qualify me for a VA Loan. Sure enough, I was eligible for a VA loan.

After talking to Will, we decided to wait 6 months or so before buying a house so we could have enough time to clean up the credit report and get everything in order. However, as luck would have it, we found a house that we absolutely loved and need to act fast. Will stepped right in and got our whole process rolling very quickly. He was there every step of the way and answered all our questions honestly. He even had to put up with me and my wife constantly bombarding him with phone call after phone call wanting to know the status of our loan approval. It got so bad, that he recognized our phone numbers and knew immediately that it was us.

The cool thing about Will is that he treated us as if we were buying a million dollar home. He never treated us like a small client. He treated us as if we were his most important client. In fact, we consider Will more than just our mortgage guy - he is also now a friend.

We got our approval and I was a little worried about the closing costs. Will worked his magic and rolled in the closing costs into the loan and we had to pay $0.67 out of pocket at closing. Can you believe it? We closed on a house for $0.67!!! Will is also going to perform an inhouse refi in a couple of months to bring our interest rate down! The man is a genius!

Will Tygart is a good, honest, hard working man that I am glad to have as my mortgage guy and honored to have as a friend.

Thanks a lot Will and you will always be DA MAN!


Daniel & Desiree Lopez

Las Cruces, NM

New Home Owners Thanks to Will Tygart - March 2004

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Congratulations on the house! My wife and I recently closed also...it's such a great feeling!

I agree, Will answered a lot of my questions here on this board and he always seemed like an up front and honest guy. All the experts here, Charles, Bruce and everyone are always a big help.


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