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How do we answer a ADR?

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I requested verification and validation, and a Cease and desist in October 2003. CMI sent a letter back that they would not continue collections until they validate debt. February was served a summons for a ADR appearances that was filed in October 2003. CMI claim they sent validation, they said they sent statements and that was enough for California law and that the court will rule that that is enough. How do i introduce foreign Law? Spears v Brennan are there any other laws regarding validation of a debt in California that does not belong to someone? and do i counter sue? at this time. We have to give a answer by the 19th of March, which we had to get extention because the oringinal answer date was 1 week after we were served. The attorney is William Guffey. Mr. Guffey acknowledge in his summons that there is a contract, but there is no evidence attached to the summons. What form do i request for production of documents.


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