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I had some lates remaining on all three credit reports that were 2 years old (student loans)

Just over a week ago I sent letters to all 3 CRAs with copies of my forebearance papers that spanned a 6 month period in 2002 which includes the dates of the lates.

Last night I pulled PG and EQ deleted the funky 'Currently 120 days past due' to a closed and transferred SL account from 1998! YEAH!!! My score jumped from 675 to 715 Fako :D

Experian is still sleeping :cry:

NOW on TU, the 3 student loan tls, which were closed, paid, and transferred to a new consolidation loan, is still saying the 'dispute resolved, customer disagrees' which was added many months ago while disputing the lates online.

TU just changed, where the '120 days late' comments were, to UNRATED OR BANKRUPTCY

The bars at the bottom of each tradeline that shows OK or shows lates, etc. has been deleted for TU...EQ now shows all green-colored OK's, while EXP is still showing some lates...

What does these comments, unrated or bankruptcy, on TU do to my score? I have never done a BK so am not liking the comments, but am afraid to push the issue too much..

I have not pulled new FICO/reports from each CRA as yet. I am going to wait to see if EXP wakes up and receive my updated reports in the mail....

Any comments on the new TL status fom TU?

Thanks sooooooo much!!!!!!!!

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If the "bankruptcy or unrated" is on PG as well, I wouldn't worry too much about it. I have a feeling what happens with that is PG uses code "xyz" for unrated/bankruptcy account and TU uses "xyz" code for transferred accounts, and when it comes out, it says different things on the status of the report.

I had the exact same thing happen (transferred school loan saying unrated/bankruptcy) on TU. It didn't say that for very long before it changed again though. NanaC also had the same thing happen to her and I think it got worked out.

So if it IS pg, don't put too much stock in it. :)

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Okay, I PROMISED myself I wouldnt pay for Fico scores (btw the PVN814 doesnt work anymore) until Experian did something with their tl's....well, I am the MOST impatient b*tch on this board!!!!!!!

I went ahead and bought my Fico scores just an hour ago using UNIONPLUS at $11.01 per CRA......my scores are below!

6/03 ------3/04

TU: 508----742


EQ: 620-----730

This is for al the new kids on the block....work hard, DON'T give up!!!!

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lol I don't know...I can probably beat you in a game of impatience! :)

Skiatook...my step-grandparents live there! Right next door to the WalMart, basically. Small world!

I don't remember what Nana's changed to now...mine just started saying "transferred to another lender" eventually. I don't remember exactly, but it wasn't that long - like a couple weeks maybe.

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