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Okay let me get this straight?


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Now, from Swede... back in the day: I learned that the 7 year clock begins 180 days from the date of the last payment made (which lead to the account never being caught up again). But see I can't figure out what month that would be in this situation. I have read that the dola is the date that the SOL starts and the like, but if OC and CA don't have the same dola is there a problem?

Well here is the situation:

Equifax has:


open: 5/98 : last activity: 1/00

but: 30 days 3 times, 60 days 2 times, 90 days 8 times.... on a report from last year...

Just now I have a report that lists a code for each month including 5/98,

which is a 4 (meaning 90-119 days past due)... each month until 9/00 there are 4's and 3's( 60-89 days) and 2's (30-59 days)... so wtf?

Asset Acceptance has last activity at 5/00

which of these dates starts SOL and the 7 year clock?

On experian they have date of status as 10/2003 this year, but in April of last year it was 10/2002 I checked his april 2003 report, and his newest.

is dola the same as date of status?

So I am having information overload at this point and have been out of the loop too long. I have done searches and I'm wiped out. Someone send a sister a link or something! Thanks

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Don't worry about the status line for SOL/reporting time.

First, I would go by the DOLA from the OC, not the CA...it should be the same (assuming you didn't make a payment in there somewhere).

Legal SOL would be January of whatever year...(if SOL in your state is 4 years, legal SOL would have been 01/2004.

Reporting SOL should be July 2007. 1/2000 plus 7 years plus 180 days.

Have you disputed the DOLA for ASSet yet? You can actually prove this one. Go get 'em!

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so what you are saying is that the dola is the date that starts the SOL, not the 7 years?

But he opened the card in 98 and never caught up, so this is where the 7 year clock comes into play.

I don't want to screw with asset acceptance, he owes them around 5 grand.

I just don't know how he could have made a payment in 1/00... I doubt it.

Is that van halen in the background of your avitar?

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Really, it starts both.

When you make the last payment, the SOL clock starts ticking for the amount of time you are liable for the debt.

The 7-year clock also starts ticking. The account goes 30-60-90 days late, then collections, then charged off (180 days on average). Hence, 7 years plus 180 days for it to report to the CRAs.

Don't get the two confused. If the SOL expires in 4 years, it's still reported to the CRAs for 3 more plus 180 days.

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