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I have read various posts on these boards the last few days and I would like to thank everybody here for all the information.

I finally realized that I need to get stuff fixed and took the plunge (ordering some online CR's).

In a nutshell,

I have a judgment and 3 collections listed. The judgment is large, the collections are not. The judgment is also a large charge-off.

My wife (DW) has 3 collections listed (different than mine) She is also behind big time on a Discover. She has 2 charge-offs for Cap 1 card (small amounts).

The mortgage payment record is not pretty but it is current now.

Here is what I have done so far:

Disputed the judgment, hoping that since they have to contact the government my odds are about 50-50.

Update 3-24 I ended up not disputing the judgment.

Disputed all of my collections.

I went with not mine on 2, and gave a reason with the other one.

DW was an authorized user on my large charge off. I disputed to get her removed.

I also disputed all three of her collections.

Our scores both appear to be between 580-610 from the various places that I have been.

I need to refi at a good rate by the end of the summer if possible. That is the goal anyway; since the DW and me are not getting along so good and easing the money crunch might help.

I understand that at this point I am in a waiting period waiting to see what, if any results from the disputes.

I don't have any money right now, but will by June. At that point, I plan to try to settle with the collections and ideally have them remove themselves form my CR.

I guess I am looking for any suggestions about what I might start to concentrate on at this point.

I hope this is not too broad of a question.

Any advice or opinions appreciated.



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How are you going to have money come June? Can you contact the creditors and let them know this and maybe until June have your payments lowered to help ease the money stress and then agree to pay them off in full come June, of course with the understanding they remove some or all of the neg's on your TL?

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