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Bank Collection


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I would like to get thoughts and opinions on this matter.

Received a judgment.

They got a garnishment against my bank account.

Checking account with debit card.

Checked my balance one Monday and found it negative 700.00.

It seems that they received the order for the garnishment the previous Thursday.

Over the weekend they happily authorized my DEBIT card for numerous purchases.

Come Monday I am negative 700.00 and found that they had sent a certified check to the CA (or whoever).

My feeling is that they took money that was not there and it is their problem not mine.

Of course they bounced any paper checks that I wrote over the weekend.

Any thoughts?


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Was it a default judgement.

Were you served properly?

Were the court papers for the garnishment done correctly?

Does your state have rules of law for this?

Look into all those things.

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Did you run your debit card with your pin number, or run it as a credit card? If you didn't physically type in your PIN, it was a credit transaction.

There is a huge difference. When you run your debit card as a credit card, the transaction must be processed, regardless of your account balance (MC / Visa rules). That's how people end up with such high negative balances, and why banks are now starting to charge $6 a day, every day, until the negative balance is taken care of.

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