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Student Loan thru Gov/School Late!


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I had a $500 student loan through Pacific Lutheran University in Washington State that defaulted, but never went to a CA.

The loan is completely paid off, but has bad payment history... Since I can't use FDCPA, what form of DV will work to get the negative history corrected?

Thanks everyone!!


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Angela, you cannot use DV for that credit item. Debt Validation is only for debt collectors and collection agencies, not for orginal creditors.

I was in a similar situation but the university never reported to my credit bureaus; they let the CA handle it.

I wrote goodwill letters to the university president, alumni association president, etc...

They all forwarded the letters back to the bursar.

I had written really good tear-jerker stories (my profession is as a technical writer) but that had no impact.

I would suggest that you do the same for your first step.

If that fails, then do the following.

Write your bursar using the SIMILAR techniques for debt validation but don't declare it as debt validation. Ask them for:

• Copies of a signed contract or an instrument bearing my signature.

• Documentation verifying that I did in fact have an outstanding balance from this account.

• An explanation on how a calculation was made on what I purportedly owed.

• An explanation of the procedures used to inform me of such an outstanding balance.

I did that to my university. Guess what. They sent me an itemized computer printout along with a letter stating that they don't have any contracts with my signature or anything else other than this print out.

Odds are, your university is not going to be able to fulfill those requests that I just listed. But whatever your university sends you, forward copies of that to the CRAs along with a letter showing that this creditor does not have any proof that this debt does indeed belong to you.

But remember, you cannot mention debt validation but you can use some of the techniques...

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