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Is this doable?


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Hi, I'm not active in this forum since I'm not a homeowner, but I have a question to post that my dad asked me to put up here. Hopefully one of you can help us out.

My dad is a year 1/2 into ch. 7 bankruptcy. He owns his own home and is currently at a 7.5 interest rate. He would like to re-finance his home but has a couple problems, as stated above, he's in bankruptcy and he just was laid off from his job.

I know, I'm sure the odds are against him, but can he put one of his children on the title and do a re-fi with one of us that has good credit?

thanks for any input and if you need more info, cuz I'm not sure if I left out any important details here.... let me know.

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First off, on what date was the BK discharged?

How much does he currenlty owe?

What is the estimated home value?

As far as the children go, how is their credit?

Are they employed?

It is possible to quit claim them on title and refi with the child a the primary. Take some time to answer the questions above and hopefully I'll bea ble to point you in the right direction.

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