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For my Trans Union trade lines, I never intended to get them deleted.

Some creditors were ridiculously slow in updating my credit report. My two year car loan (I previously had a lease for three years) only reflected one payment instead of an entire year’s worth of payments. I had actually paid off two bank loans but they still showed me with a balance even though they were paid off for like six months.

I either disputed paid in full or wrong balance.

For Best Buy (HRS), I specifically wrote that the only thing I was disputing was the creditor statement, “Closed by Credit Grantor” and that everything else was fine. I was specific and explicit but Trans Union went ahead and deleted it anyway. Best Buy closed my account and I was making payments to finish off the balance.

For the rest of them, in 30 days, they were gone from my credit report.

Unfortunately, this process doesn’t work for negative information. Trans Union seems to be trigger happy only with good positive credit information.

Debtful, in your situation, I would write out a separate dispute letter for EVERY positive Trans Union trade line. Divide them by three and then mail them out with in three days. One third for the first day, the next third for the second day, and the final third for the third day.

With Trans Union, it doesn’t seem to make a difference if the trade line is from a big national corporation or a local credit union or small bank.

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