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I have a friend who is a broker do an infile trimerge today.

I thought I would list the different scores that I have gotten over the past week, so you can see at least in my case, how scores can vary.

They are ugly so be kind.


Truecredit site-561







Enhanced Beacon-614




Fair Isaac-568

The last score in each is the ones the broker pulled. They were pulled between 3-17 and 3-24 and nothing has changed on my report.


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For TU, Empirca is the registered trade mark for the FICO score that TU gets from Fair Isaac. So that is one of the same. Although, it actually depends a lot on which products an outfit is purchasing from a CRA that tailors the score to a particular product or industry.

For EQ, I have never heard of an enhanced Beacon. The registered trade mark is Beacon. The "enhanced" part may be part of the product or a marketing ploy. It has always been the Beacon score from Fair Isaac.

For EX, it has always had the unwieldly title of the Experian Fair Isaac Risk Model or something like that. I don't remember off the top of my head but it is a big long title. And Fair Isaac is the same thing as FICO.

But each CRA may have slightly different twists because of the different products and subscriptions that their subscribers have.

A CRA makes more money that way.

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