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Sam's Club Now Offers Auto Loans


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All loans are through RoadLoans, a Web division of Triad Financial Corp. Triad is a division of Ford Motor Credit Co.

I did not get a chance to write down the used car rates, but this is how their new auto loans compare to the competition:

Sams' Club: 3.55%

Costco: 3.85%

Comerica: 5.99%

Standard Federal: 7.75%

Didn't hear anything on their scoring criteria either.

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I had a loan through Roadloans back when my credit suxxor'ed.

Didn't like them, would never do business with them again. When I went to get my new car , I had already paid off the Roadloans account. I was approved at the dealership for an interest rate of 8%, not great, but hey, I'll deal.

So I call Roadloans and say, HI! here is your valued customer that wasn't ever late on a payment and had a loan at 18% interest for 2 years! I just paid you guys off, would you like to get my business again now? Yes sir! We will be HAPPY to give you a 16% interest rate.

Ugh LoL!

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