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bounced checks...

Ravenous Wolf

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I get the impression that a lot of people here on this board have tried credit repair techniques with bounced checks.

I have never understood that.

I almost got an all expense paid vacation at my county cooler for a few bounced checks.

In fact, I had a warrant out for my arrest.

In that situation, I had bounced checks before and merchants sent me threatening letters that they would take this to the District Attorney's office for prosecution. I always took my time getting them paid off but they were always paid.

One time, a merchant didn't bother too long with threats and he did file the bounced checks with the DA right away.

The county courthouse gave me lots of terrible information about how much time I had to pay it off. Once I had the money available, I called up the courthouse to find out where to pay this off and they told me that there was already a warrant out for my arrest.

I had to hire an attorney who eventually got me a motion to dismiss once the bad checks were paid off.

Overall, I don't jack with bounced checks. If something bounces and my bank doens't cover it, I pay it off right away.

Getting Bubba as my roommate in the county cooler is enough of a deterent for me not jack with bounced checks.

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I don't think bounced checks work with credit repair because writing a fraudulent instrument is punishable by civil and criminal penalties depending on the amount of the check. Which may also be why some creditors feel that bounced checks are not covered in bankruptcy since debts incurred by means of a fraudulent conveyance are not covered by the automatic stay.

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