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Removing Inquiries and bad TL from a CA


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I recently ordered my credit report (for the first time in my life). I knew that my credit report wouldn't be that great. I had financial problems years ago and had credit card accounts go delinquint. I had paid and settled with most of them years ago. I had lost track of what I had and hadn't settled. Looking at my report, I see that there is a listing from a collection agency that did hard inquiries in December of 2002 and 2003. I tracked the collector and found out who the OC was. The DOLA for it was in 10/97. The SOL for it was in 2001. I received a settlement offer on it in Feb 2004. I remember reading a sample letter that mentioned an invlaid PP for inquiry and combined it as a debt validation. Does anyone have a link to it as I can't find it anymore. Or can anyone help give me an idea of how I would write a letter to this CA? This will be my first attempt at credit repair. Thanks.

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PP seems to be my bane in life tonight...

you can search the boards for 'PP' to learn more than you ever wanted to know about my opinion on it, well others posted too!

here is my PP/C&D/DV to Arrow:


Arrow Financial Services LLC

5990 W. Touhy Ave.

Niles, IL 60714


Your Name

Your Address

Your City/St/Postal code

Dear Sir/Madame;

I have noticed that you seem to think you have found a ‘Permissible Purpose’ to pull my credit report on not only one but two different occasions. My TransUnion report shows inquiries by Arrow Financial Services on 02/14/04 and 02/19/04 for the purpose of ‘COLLECTION’.

I am hereby requesting that you provide to me, in writing, to the above address any and all supporting documentation which you believe allows you to pull this very private information about me. I am demanding that you provide this information within 15 days of receipt of this letter.

The information I am requesting is nothing short of a FULL AND COMPLETE VALIDATION OF DEBT as allowed to me by the Fair Debt Collection Protection Act. Further, I am putting Arrow Financial on notice that upon receipt of this letter, if you attempt ANY collection activity regarding me or any accounts you hold in my name, you will again be in violation of the FDCPA. This includes, but is not limited to, reporting this to any Credit Reporting Agency. Your actions will be dutifully reported to the Illinois State Attorney General, the Florida State Attorney General, The Florida State Department of Financial Services, the Federal Trade Commission, the ACA and the BBB.

You are also now notified that you may NOT contact me regarding this issue except in writing to the address provided above.

I do not believe that you have any legal claim to review my personal credit reports.

Do not ignore this request for validation and request for deletion of inquires. I believe you have added these to my credit reports in violation of Federal and State laws. I am requesting that you remove any inquiries from all Credit Reporting Agencies if you are unable to validate.

You have caused me real and material harm and I will use all means allowable by law to recover damages if these inquiries are not removed timely.

Best regards,

Pissed off consumer!

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